Not yet done with coronavirus that is currently ravaging the world which people belief has gone into extinction, a man of God Prophet Michael Olusoji Fabiyi a.ka. Baba Possibility,the shepherd in charge of the Celestial Church of Christ, Okiki Imoleayo, Ikorodu, said the epidemic will evoke again in a more deadlier dimension.

The prediction was contain in a release made available to GREATRIBUNETVNEWS.

Highlight of his predictions include but not limited to the following: “The government should be watchful over foods,  some foods will be imported into the country that will claim lives of people. Those using policemen,  soldiers and other armed forces uniform to steal,  kidnap and take lives of innocent people will be of increase, but they shall be exposed, we should be mindful of our movement this year, we shall not fall into their hands. ‘

‘In northern Nigeria, he said, as some terrorist are being exposed,  another terrorist group will emerged claiming more lives. There will be series of fire outbreak, but we should be very prayerful and be cautious of fire or electricity surge, so we can conquer”.

He warned that prestigious men of God should be very prayerful this year, so that their lives would not be taken suddenly, because there will be death of two ministers of God which will shake the nation, for their death will not be natural. They should be mindful of downfall through women. I see evil spirit using women to bring them down”.

Speaking further, Prophet Dr. Olusoji Fabiyi said, “we should be in spirit this year, as people will be killing themselves due to debts they are owing. Let’s pray for this government to complete this four years tenure successfully.’

He warned that many Nigerians will be deported from various countries in the world without anything to show for their sojourn abroad. Two plane crashes, one in Nigeria and another abroad is also inevitable.

‘War which we heard for a long time will erupt in three countries, I see fire disaster, cries, fight and agonies in these countries. Lot of people will die, let us pray so that the crisis will not snowball into unending war”.

‘Epidemic which has gone into extinction will evoke again in a more deadlier dimension’.

He revealed that ‘secret and source of power and wealth of many great men of God will be exposed. ‘The secret of some ministers of God that lied to acquire wealth and riches, including those with fake miracles will be exposed”

Asked about the genuineness and sincerity of the prophecies, he said, ‘this is not the first time of his predictions and prophecies, all came to pass.

The prophet however leaves a cavity, he said with prayers and obedience to the words of God, the crisis can be averted. ‘We need to pray hard to God for the forgiveness of our sins for God to heal our land’



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